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Forest Econ Inc.

provides analytical consulting services in

Forest, Natural Resource, & Regional Economics

Our main job is economic analytical consulting for natural resource management and policy decisions. In partnership with regional economists at Economic Analysis Specialists Inc. our forest economists and regional economists specialize in strategic forest management economics, natural resource project evaluation, timber investments, timber taxation, decision optimization and impact analyses of natural resource policy changes. You can see our complete lists of consulting project services by clicking on the Forest Econ Inc. link button at the left.

Contact Information

Call us for analytical project contract discussions, or for TreeCents program information/sales/support. Our associates are often in the field, so e-mail often works best.

Forest Econ Inc.
(208) 301-4634;
Snail mail:
P.O. Box 3555
      Moscow, Idaho 83843
@ 408 S. Jefferson #202
      Moscow, Idaho 83843
E- mail:

Our TreeCents forest investment financial analysis software, is designed specifically for private forest, private woodland, family forest owners and the forestry consultants who work with them.

Nora Creek Forest photo by Alison Meyer

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The TreeCents story

We developed TreeCents timber investment analysis software programs after years of observing that private forest owners and forestry consultants rarely calculated timber project financial returns. Before TreeCents, financial analyses were either too simplistic to be reliable, or too complex and too intimidating to be intelligible. Other software can cost more and be forbiddingly user-UNfriendly.

TreeCents puts financial analysis directly into the hands of individual private forest owners so they have the power to make informed choices. We believe that if timber investment analyses could become: pretty--easy--cheap--reliable, then forest owners and consultants will do these calculations and use the results to make better financial decisions that increase private forestry returns.

Private forestry can still be profitable, even when forest owners have higher priorities than money. Financially well-informed timber choices will complement your forest stewardship objectives of long-run sustainable natural beauty, wildlife habitat, ecosystem conservation and recreation.  

When the new versions come out, you could make TreeCents your basic resource for financially sound private timber investment decisions. Check out our  TreeCents link button to the left. It opens up a whole world of useful private timber investment insights.

bullet You'll learn the basics of timber investment analysis.
bullet You'll find out how TreeCents works to do detailed analyses for you.
bulletYou'll read about our whole line of four regionally specific TreeCents editions.
bullet You can download and study our free example TreeCents manual.
bullet And we'll show you to buy the right TreeCents for your forest.

TreeCents will become as essential to private forestry as D-tapes or shovels.


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