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Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed we will be updating this site winter 2009

[New!] 2008 Quarter 4 Inland timber market analysis released
        See press release 1 for more details.

[New!]Live TreeCents demonstrations at national Tree Farmer meeting in Ft. Collins.

See press release 2 for more details.

[New!]TreeCents praised in Timber West article

        See press release 3 for more details.

Press Releases

These are the press releases we've issued over the last couple of years.  We  have temporarily backburnered this feature.

bulletAugust 30, 2007--Adjusting TreeCents for tax law changes
bulletApril 2, 2005--TreeCents used in Afghanistan forest recovery
bulletNovember 9, 2004--US forest tax law changes to be in TreeCents
bulletJuly 9, 2004--TreeCents praised in Timber West Article
bulletMay 17, 2004--TreeCents shown at Northwestern private forest owner meetings
bulletMarch 22, 2004--TreeCents founder named outstanding Idaho tree farmer
bulletDecember 16, 2003 -- Now you can order TreeCents on line
bulletDecember 16, 2003 -- Revised edition of Northern Forests 2.4 available
bulletOctober 17, 2003 -- TreeCents at National Tree Farmers Convention
bulletSeptember 22, 2003 -- New technique developed for simultaneous viewing of program and manual on high definition wide aspect LCD monitors.
bulletJune 6, 2003 -- New regional editions for Southern Forests 2.3 and Northern Forest 2.4 released. Both include all upgrades of previous versions plus more flexible severance tax module.
bulletMay 9, 2003 -- Greatly improved TreeCents 2.11 Inland West Forests edition released. Replacement upgrade copies mailed free to all registered 2.10 early adopting users.
bulletMay 5, 2003 -- TreeCents 2.2 Western Forests edition introduced at Western Forest Economists Conference
bulletApril 21, 2003 -- Forest Econ Inc. announces user-solicited TreeCents 2.1 program function upgrades with free distribution of up-dated programs to early adopters
bulletMarch 24, 2003 -- TreeCents 2.1 introduced at Inland West forest owners conference

Presentations by Dr. McKetta, Forest Econ's lead analyst

bullet"Perverse economics in Canadian timber outlooks" Canadian Silvicultural Institute. Penticton, BC 4/4/2007
bullet"Integrating fire economics into private forest silvicultural decisions" Idaho Forest Owners. Moscow, ID 3/26/2007
bullet"The coming housing bust will gut inland log markets" NIPF Foresters' Forum, Coeur d'Alene, ID 1/19/2007
bullet"Explaining large wildfire costs" Brookings Institution. Washington DC, 11/28/2006
bullet"Economic decisions for non-industrial silviculture" FOR 424 guest lecture U of Idaho 9/26/2006
bullet"The Snake River Jet Boat Economy" public hearing, 9/13/2006. Lewiston, ID
bullet"Private forest owner fire decisions when your neighbor is the USFS" Inland Empire Society of American Foresters. 6/9/2006. Colville, WA
bullet"Input-Output modeling to measure BLM harvest change impacts in Western Oregon. Bureau of Land Management public information meeting. 6/14/2006. Corvallis, OR
bullet"Private forest investments when you're next to a federal tinderbox" Washington Farm Forestry Assoc. annual meeting. Colville, WA 6/9/02
bullet"Analyzing FY 2005's most expensive wildfires". SecAg review team report to USFS Aviation & Fire Management Directors. Washington D.C. 4/27/06
bullet"Economics of logging in distorted timber markets for a rapidly changing housing sector" Inland Logging Conf. Spokane, WA 4/7/06
bullet"Tree farm investment decisions for the impending housing bust." NIPF Foresters Conference. Spokane, WA. 1/22/06
bullet"The economics behind increasingly costly wildfires". Keynote address @ Western Forest Economists. Wemme, Oregon 5/3/05
bullet"How taxes change silvicultural choices." Society of American Foresters forest tax workshop. Moscow, Idaho. 2/26/05
bullet"Building the looming housing bust into TreeCents analyses" NIPF Foresters Conference. Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. 1/21/05
bullet"Matching silvicultural choices to cyclic lumber markets". NIPF Foresters Conference. Spokane, Washington 1/23/05
bullet"Help for tree farmers who blush when they talk about profits" Montana Forest Owners field day. Condon, Montana 9/20/03
bullet"How to turn the financial black hole of family forestry into a lush green money machine...and stay a Bambi-hugging Druid." Washington Farm Forestry Assn. Spokane, WA 9/16/03
bullet"New analytical challenges in federally dominated timber markets." Western Forest Economics Conference, Wemme OR 5/6/03
bullet"Building spatially disaggregated input-output models for evaluating national forest policy changes." Western Forest Economic Conference, Wemme OR 5/7/03
bullet"Would you build a mill on new federal timber supply promises?" Intermountain Logging Conference, Spokane WA 4/9/03
bullet"2003 Timber market forecast for private forests." NIPF foresters Conference. Coeur d'Alene ID. 1/24/03

Media Coverage of Forest Econ Inc.

bulletCapital Press  5/30/2003: Large article by Barbara Coyner with favorable reviews of TreeCents: "New software caters to forest owners."
bulletLoggers World 4/18/2003: Dr. Charley McKetta speaks on mill investment risks in federally dominated timbersheds
bulletCapital Press  3/28/2003:  Dr. Charley McKetta quoted on national forest influences on timber market dynamics and the effects on non-industrial private forest profitability
bulletCapital Press  2/14/2003: Dr. Charley McKetta predicts local community impacts from federal timber policy changes
bullet unsolicited technical review of TreeCents 2.1




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